About increasing points and lowering the pay limit

We share with you the revenue we earn from advertising, including increasing points and lowering the share limit. Besides, the more we earn, the more we can distribute to you.

At the moment, 2,000 points is 1 penny. Because our users prefer to just watch ads

If you click after watching the ad and go back to the app after the site opens and you do this for each ad, we can update 200 points to 1 penny.

If you want 200 points to be 1 penny, that is, 1000% increase, click on all the ads you encounter, reklaAbout increasing points and lowering the Pay Limitm site after opening the application should go back. Sincerely Mamosit Team.

What Is A Mamosit

What Is A Masochist?
Mamosit English Make Money Sitting at Home is a practice that works with the logic of a win-win, named after the first syllables of the sentence that mean making money from where you sit.

Mamosit is a winning application that wins with its effects and distributes back to its users and receives compensation from this gain.

The release date is June 15, 2019. It is an application that walks with a team that will provide continuous steps and keeps user satisfaction at a certain stage.

You can also start earning by downloading the Mamosit app here.

How do we win and distribute?

As a Mamosit team, our only source of earnings right now is advertising. Because the ads mentioned are Google ads, we can earn as much as the price that content providers give. As well as you watched 1 ad does not earn US 1 lira. It usually saves between 0.05 tl and 5 cents and 0.01 tl and 1 penny.

We share 75% of our earnings with our valued users. We’re not a new app. Since the number of users is low, we can only balance the money points at the moment as 2000 points 1 penny. This score can only be changed if new advertising agreements or 1,000+ downloads are provided.

You would earn more respect than you’re giving effort. But as mentioned in the above articles, we need to be a big family first.

The fact that we’re a big family depends on your ads and invitations. On 1 August, the lower limit of receiving payments will be reduced to 5 tl, giving confidence to our users who have a trust problem and payments will be made at the fastest time possible.

We thank you for your understanding and wish you Pleasant gains.

A team of a masochist.

Tricksters and Impostors

On this page we will share those who cheat and their fate. Cheating can be easy, but it’s easier to prevent(ban) enforcement and ensure welfare.

We assure all of our users that cheating in this application can’t make no money.

Bir arkadaşımız 20 Tl kazandıgını idda edip Google Play Store da hakaret ve kufurler etmiştir. Haklı olup olmadıgını sızın görüşünüze sunmak istiyoruz.